Soundscapes and Sound in Nature

Sounds in Nature:
Why they matter to Alaskans and how they are measured

The world of sounds and soundscapes was explored in a virtual workshop intended for the public on February 6, 2021. Presenters covered the breadth of sounds in nature as a discipline, from the appreciation and ecological significance of sounds, to how they are measured and managed, and finally to how human-generated noise can disturb Alaskan wildlife. The workshop was co-hosted by the Anchorage Museum, Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, and the National Park Service. List of presenters and topics.

Link to the webinar:

Powerpoint presentation by John Morton, PhD on the Effects of Noise and Other Human Disturbances on Wildlife

Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Timothy Mullet on Ecoacoustics Theory and Soundscape Ecology in Alaska’s Wilderness

Powerpoint presentation by biologist David Halyn Betchkal, A Civic Perspective on Sound in Alaska