Copper River Basin Area Plan: Scoping Comments

In this plan, AQRC urges ML & W to recognize the values of natural sound and natural quiet to the user and the wildlife, to manage motorized recreation, to recognize the necessity to separate areas and trails for the non-motorized/ motorized users of this area and adopt the CCA listing of trails and areas to set aside for quiet recreation. … Continue readingCopper River Basin Area Plan: Scoping Comments

Comments on LAS 29362

AQRC is concerned that the scope of this request for a permit-to brush a 20 foot wide, 43.9 mile long trail from the Denali Highway to the Susitna River in order to move heavy equipment to a proposed field camp- is outside the scope of a DNR permit and will create substantial environmental damage and open the area to ORV traffic and motorized hunting without enforcement or regulation. A full public process should be required. Any permit must be limited to winter access alone. … Continue readingComments on LAS 29362