Support for Legislation requiring Registration of ORVs

To:  Interior Legislative Delegation
c/o Marv Hasselbroek
518 Slater Drive
Fairbanks, AK  99701

Ref: ATV registration

Dear Interior Legislative Delegation;

The Alaska Quiet Rights Coaltion requests that the State of Alaska require ATV’s, 4-wheelers, swamp buggies, 6-wheelers, 8-wheelers, track vehicles and other manufactured and home made ORV’s be required to be registered.  Snowmachines and boats require registration so that these vehicles can easily be identified and to create a revenue source for funding necessary to support their use.  The number of ORV’s being operated has increased greatly.  This influx in ORV activity is eroding trails, creating braided trails, damaging stream banks and having a detrimental effect on multiple user groups that use the trails.  A deeply rutted, muddy and wet trail becomes unusable to all user groups.  Money raised by an ORV registration fee should be used to repair and harden trails.  DNR needs to better regulate ORV use on state lands.  There is tremendous long term damage being done by ORV’s to wetlands, muskegs and tundra across the state.


Brian Okonek

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition, President