Izembek State Game Refuge Proposed Regulations

Dear Ms. Tonkin:

The purpose of this email is to offer the comments of the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition on the proposed regulations for Izembek State Game Refuge.

The Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition is a state-wide nonprofit organization which believes natural sounds and natural quiet are public land resources which deserve protection by land managers. We seek to preserve quiet places for Alaskans, visitors, wildlife, businesses and cabin and homeowners.

Our comments are limited to the proposed regulations at 5 AAC 95.552 (a)(1), (2) and (3) for, respectively,  ORV use,  motorized vessels and jet skis, air-cushion vehicle and airboats. We support all three proposed regulations inasmuch as they prohibit:

ORV use, unless a general permit is issued which allows use in unvegetated intertidal areas or an individual special area permit is obtained from the Commissioner;

motorized vessels in Izembek Lagoon without a special area permit, and;

jet skis, air-cushion vehicles and airboats in Izembek Lagoon unless used for management or research purposes, and only after obtaining an individual special area permit from the Commissioner.

In view of the world-wide significance of Izembek Lagoon, Izembek State Game Refuge and the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, we believe these proposed restrictions on motorized vehicles place significant restraints on motorized access and appear to appropriately protect the wildlife, its habitat and the other purposes for which these areas were set aside.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

Sincerely yours,

Susan Olsen, President

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition