Comments on EA for Campbell Ck. Science Center road resurfacing

Subject: Comments on EA for Campbell Creek Science Center road resurfacing


The purpose of this email is to offer the comments of the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition (AQRC) on the EA for the resurfacing of the Campbell Creek Science Center road in Anchorage.


AQRC’s mission is to maintain and restore natural sounds and natural quiet in Alaska through advocacy and education for the benefit of people and wildlife. Anchorage members recreate frequently on the Campbell Tract and are most appreciative of the fact that the trails are non-motorized. AQRC, as an organization, has used the Science Center a number of times for meetings. As an organization and as individual members, we are very familiar with the road, the Center and the many trails in all seasons.


We do think that the current road surface, speed limit and surrounding vegetation greatly contribute to a visitor’s perception of the Tract and its trails. The road provides a vital and necessary transition from busy urban traffic, noise and activity to an expectation of quiet wilderness and wildlife. For this reason we strongly support Alternative 3 as the most appropriate option for resurfacing the road. While it will not ease all safety concerns about folks crossing the road, we note that the EA does not indicate that these represent major safety concerns. We do fear that any change to the road surface will inevitably lead to increased speeds which not only may create more safety incidents, but will strip the road of its very important transitional role as well as sharply increase traffic noise for the trail users. We also recognize that this alternative will not solve the parking lot issues, but believe that issue could be alleviated with better signage.  Campbell Tract is a “refuge” for non-motorized recreationists and wildlife; let’s maintain those characteristics !


Thank you for this opportunity to offer comments.


Sincerely yours,

Susan Olsen, President

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition

PO Box 202592

Anchorage, AK 99520