AQRC Seeking Board Members

The Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition (AQRC) invites new board members.  AQRC is a non profit organization that has worked with land management agencies for 25 years to protect the natural soundscape.  Protecting the soundscape from motorized noise does far more than just preserve the ability to hear natural sounds.  Doing so allows wildlife a better chance to survive, protects the landscape and waterways from damage, enables those recreating without motors to have a high quality outdoor experience and preserves the wilderness character of Alaska’s public lands.  The soundscape is a critical resource that needs to be fully recognized and protected for the value it contributes to Alaska’s wildlands, residents, visitors and wildlife.  To carry on our work AQRC needs board members.  Please consider joining the AQRC board of directors.  Check out the website and contact Brian Okonek at: