Resolution in Support of an Alaska Environmental Literacy Plan

Whereas environmental education is essential for enhancing student learning, critical thinking, and student problem solving skills; and

Whereas environmental education helps create responsible and engaged citizens who are able to contribute positively to the sustainable management of natural resources for the benefit of Alaskans, Alaska’s ecosystems, and the Alaskan economy; and

Whereas environmental education results in students being prepared to address the challenges, adjustments and opportunities that will be present in their lives due to changes in human health, economic development, biological diversity, and national security arising from human impacts on the environment; and

Whereas studies show that time spent outdoors for learning during the school day is critical to the intellectual, emotional, and physical health of students and that providing students with quality opportunities to directly experience the natural world can improve overall academic performance, behavior in school, self-esteem, personal responsibility, community involvement, personal health, and understanding of nature; and

Whereas opportunities for students to experience natural quiet is an important component of quality opportunities to directly experience the natural world which improves personal health and understanding of nature;

Whereas this resolution shall be known as “Alaska Environmental Literacy Plan (AKELP)”;

Be it therefore enacted that the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition supports the development and implementation of AKELP; the integration of environmental education, whenever possible, into classroom instruction; and the linking of environmental education to Alaska educational standards.
Adopted Nov. 8, 2012