New Hut in Hatcher Pass

Ben Hagedorn        May 21, 2017

Division of Mining, Land and Waters

Department of Natural Resources

The purpose of this letter is to offer the comments of the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition (AQRC) in support of the Preliminary Decision by DMLW to award a proposed lease of state land to the Mountaineering Club of Alaska for the purpose of building and maintaining a hut (ADL 232431). AQRC is a state-wide non-profit organization which seeks to protect and restore the values of natural quiet and natural sounds on public lands for the benefit of non- motorized recreationists, wildlife and cabin owners. We work with land managers through commenting on proposed land use plans and permits to assure a fair and balanced allocation of AlaskaŹ¼s public lands for both non-motorized and motorized recreational uses.

AQRC has, for many years, in its many comments, been critical of the policies and plans adopted for state lands and permits for their failure to provide for the non- motorized user. We believe that separate trails and areas need to be established to ensure that the non-motorized recreationist can experience and enjoy natural quiet and hear natural sounds without the sound or presence of motorized recreational machines.

Accordingly, we strongly support the Preliminary Decision to approve a ten-year lease with the Mountaineering Club of Alaska for a .25 acre parcel on which it will construct and maintain a hut. This will expand safety, opportunities and convenience for the backcountry human-powered user to explore and enjoy this area of Alaska.

Thank you for considering our comments.

Susan Olsen, member Board of Directors, AQRC